MHQP’s mission is to drive measureable improvement in health care quality, patients’ experiences of care, and use of resources in Massachusetts through patient and public engagement and broad-based collaboration among health care stakeholders, including physicians, hospitals, health plans, purchasers, patient and public advocates, government agencies and academics.

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134 Primary Care Practices Participate in First-Ever Statewide Patient Engagement Survey

MHQP has completed the first-ever statewide survey of patient engagement practices in primary care. The effort, which was supported by CRICO, was designed to create an inventory of activities that are helpful in enhancing patient engagement and to highlight successful patient engagement strategies for others to adopt.


MHQP Recruiting Practices for 2018 Patient Experience Survey

Your patients have a story to tell. As a practice dedicated to quality improvement, you want to hear their feedback in the form of meaningful and actionable data that can drive measurable improvements in the care you provide. Don't miss your opportunity with the 2018 Patient Experience Survey.


MHQP Announces New State Contract to Assess Patient Experience among Medicaid Recipients

MHQP is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services for Massachusetts as its vendor to conduct statewide patient experience surveys of people insured through MassHealth and participating in the new Accountable Care Organization and Community Partners programs.


Using a Co-design Approach to Improve Pain Assessment and Management

MHQP is working with Mad*Pow, a creative design firm, on an exciting, groundbreaking project to explore alternatives to the current ways we assess and manage pain to better calibrate pain assessment with opioid prescribing. The initiative is funded by CIGNA. Barbra Rabson provides the interesting details.


Primary Care Short on Goal Setting

While Massachusetts patients give their physicians very high ratings for communication, many also report that they and their physicians have not talked about their overall health goals or what might make it hard to meet those goals. This finding comes from a statewide patient experience survey conducted by MHQP.


Discovering How and Why Medical Costs and Outcomes Vary Across Regions

Why do healthcare quality and cost outcomes vary? MHQP is collaborating with three other states, the National Bureau of Economic Research, Harvard University, and the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement to create a national model of delivery systems that contribute to better health care at lower costs.