group with hands in the middle of a circle, collaborating Since our founding in 1995, MHQP has taken a collaborative approach to improving healthcare quality through measurement and reporting. Our broad-based coalition welcomes physicians, hospitals, health plans, purchasers, patient and public advocates, government agencies, and academics as active and engaged participants. As an organization, we partner with other like-minded entities to advance the field of healthcare quality improvement.

In working with others invested in what can sometimes be a contentious topic, our goal is to be productive and not disruptive. We strive to give physicians reliable, credible information to help them improve care, and patients the same information to help them make informed decisions about and participate more fully in their care.

As the number of agencies and institutions involved in healthcare quality improvement skyrocketing in the last decade, we serve another important function: we are a neutral convener of the many diverse stakeholders. Over the years, we have worked hard to earn the trust of our partners in the field and we take our dual role as collaborator and convener very seriously. 

Some of the many projects and programs we have partnered on include:

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