Image of an blood pressure cuffAt MHQP, measuring healthcare quality and publicly reporting those measurements are core activities that help us to achieve our mission, which is to improve primary and pediatric care in Massachusetts. Regularly gathering, analyzing, and disseminating data on doctors’ clinical practices and on their patients’ care experiences is the best way to understand how well doctors perform compared with their peers. 

Making quality information widely available means that both doctors and patients have the same tools at their fingertips. Doctors may use MHQP’s reports to improve patient care, while patients may use them to choose the best doctor for their needs. The reports also help both doctors and patients better understand what high-quality care looks like, creating opportunities for conversations that lead to more open, trusting, and productive doctor-patient relationships.

MHQP is the only organization in the state that measures and publicly reports healthcare quality information, which can be accessed through our Healthcare Compass website. We use the following tools to measure and report quality information:

  • Patient Experience Survey: Since MHQP started reporting patient experience survey results in 2005, quality of care in the state has steadily improved.
  • Clinical Quality in Primary Care: MHQP has been reporting on clinical quality since 2005. This report compares the performance of more than 550 doctors’ offices across the state.
  • Practice Pattern Variation Analysis (PPVA): Launched in 2014, the PPVA program seeks to understand unexplained and sometimes unwarranted variations in care that could negatively impact quality.
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