MHQP Guidelines Ensure High Standards of Quality for Massachusetts Patients

Ensuring that every patient receives the same high standard of care is an important indicator of healthcare quality. MHQP promotes healthcare quality across Massachusetts through ongoing development of consistent, evidence-based, best practices guidelines that are used and supported by the broad range of Massachusetts healthcare providers and other stakeholders.

Our Adult Preventive Care Guidelines and Pediatric Preventive Care Guidelines recommend best practices in adult and child well visits and annual check-ups. Additionally, our Perinatal Care Guidelines outline best practices for routine care for pregnant women. All of these guidelines outline what patients and doctors can talk about during routine visits as well as what screening tests are recommended, depending on the patient’s age and gender. 

MHQP also collaborated with healthcare stakeholders to develop and disseminate asthma action plans for adults and children. These plans are shared between physicians, parents, employers, and schools to help patients manage their asthma at work, school, and play, and when visiting the doctor for check-ups or urgent care needs.  

MHQP works with a collaborative group of healthcare organizations across the state--including the MA Department of Public Health, MA Medical Society, physician specialty societies, and several major health plans – to review, update, and disseminate guidelines and quality improvement tools. The guidelines are updated annually, based on recommendations from national recognized evidence-based resources. If your organization is interested in participating in this effort, or licensing MHQP’s guidelines for official use, please contact Natalya Martins, MHQP's Clinical Guidelines Coordinator, at

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