Terms of Use 

One of MHQP’s goals is to drive measurable improvements in health care quality. While we encourage all stakeholders to use MHQP’s products to drive quality improvement in their organizations, MHQP requires that a formal license be obtained by any organization that wishes to use the guidelines to meet any commercial, educational, regulatory, and/or other business purposes.

Examples of uses that require licensing the guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  • Using MHQP’s guidelines as the official perinatal and/or preventive care guidelines of your organization. This includes reproducing, copying or publishing MHQP’s guidelines under your organization’s name for distribution to your personnel, provider network, members, and or patients.
  • Using MHQP’s guidelines as part of requirements for a certifying or accrediting organization, for example , National Committee for Quality Assurance or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Fees and Benefits

  • The license will be valid for one calendar year from date of licensing agreement.
  • Upon paying the fee, the organization will be listed as a supporting organization on MHQP’s guideline website. MHQP can also provide a link on our website (MHQP.org) to the supporting organizations website.
  • Please contact MHQP for more detail on licensing fees.

NOTE: Organizations that use the guidelines in ways that do not meet the criteria for requiring a license, such as a source or reference material (e.g. link to MHQP’s website in an appendix of additional materials), must notify MHQP and properly cite MHQP as the source.

For more information about using and/or licensing MHQP’s guidelines, please contact Natalya Martins, MHQP's Clinical Guidelines Coordinator, at nmartins@mhqp.org


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