Collaboration and Innovation to Measure and Improve Care

In 1995, a group of healthcare, business, and community leaders created an informal alliance dedicated to promoting measurable improvements in the quality of health care services in Massachusetts. Long before anyone was talking about “transparency” in healthcare, these pioneers believed that the development and reporting of comparable, evidence-based performance data would help drive quality improvement and lead to better patient outcomes.

Today, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) is a nationally recognized, non-profit coalition of physicians, hospitals, health plans, purchasers, patient and public representatives, academics, and government agencies. MHQP has a well established track record as the trusted leader in Massachusetts for objective, independent health care quality measurement and reporting.

  • MHQP brings together multiple stakeholders, often with disparate agendas, to effectively work together to produce trusted, comparable performance measures that help drive healthcare quality improvement in Massachusetts.
  • MHQP reports reliable, actionable information to healthcare providers to improve the care they deliver to their patients.
  • MHQP communicates healthcare performance information directly to patients and the public (most recently in partnership with Consumer Reports) to empower them with knowledge to make more informed health care decisions.

Massachusetts is facing profound changes in the healthcare system, with sweeping health and payment reform. MHQP is well positioned to help shape and inform this transformation by continuing to harness the power of broad-based collaboration among health care stakeholders to produce reliable, trusted information on healthcare quality performance. MHQP’s twenty years of experience and demonstrated expertise are critical to ensuring success in the Commonwealth’s goal of high quality, cost effective care for all residents.

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